New York

New York Grade 4 Unit 1 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 4

1. What is a global address?

a. a locationís address on Earth
b. Earthís location in the galaxy
c. where a location is on a continent
d. a locationís landforms

2. The highest mountains in New York are located in which region?

a. southwest
b. northeast
c. northwest
d. southeast

3. Which landform helped form the Finger Lakes of New York?

a. drumlins
b. moraines
c. glaciers
d. rivers

4. Where is the mouth of the Hudson River?

a. Lake Tear-in-the-Clouds
b. Mohawk River
c. Niagara River
d. New York Harbor

5. Which of the following is a renewable resource?

a. trees
b. oil
c. iron
d. natural gas

6. A bridge formed between which two continents about 40,000 years ago?

a. North America and South America
b. North America and Asia
c. Asia and South America
d. Europe and North America

7. Which of the following is an example of an artifact?

a. a dinosaur bone
b. an arrowhead
c. volcanic rock
d. a fossil

8. What of the following most accurately describes the diet of hunter-gatherers?

a. meat, fish, roots, nuts
b. meat only
c. fish only
d. meat and fish

9. What were the names of the two large Native American groups who lived in New York?

a. Oneida and Shinnecock
b. Mohawk and Cayuga
c. Mohican and Seneca
d. Iroquois and Algonquian

10. What are the names for the two kinds of shelter built by the Native Americans?

a. ancestor and reservation
b. reservation and longhouse
c. longhouse and wigwam
d. wigwam and reservation