Grade 5 NY Unit 1 Lesson 2 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. The longest river in the United States is the _____.

a. Missouri River
b. St. Lawrence River
c. Mississippi River
d. Hudson River

2. Which river drains over more than one million square miles of land?

a. Ohio River
b. Missouri River
c. Mississippi River
d. Colorado River

3. Why was Everglades National Park created?

a. to drain the wetlands
b. to protect the natural homes of plants and animals
c. to bring tourists to Florida
d. to stop the building of roads through the wetlands

4. Which of the Great Lakes is the largest and deepest?

a. Lake Ontario
b. Lake Erie
c. Lake Michigan
d. Lake Superior

5. Which of the Great Lakes is the most shallow and holds the least water?

a. Lake Erie
b. Lake Michigan
c. Lake Superior
d. Lake Huron

6. What rare animal lives in Florida's Everglades?

a. alligator
b. crawfish
c. Florida panther
d. falcon