Grade 5 NY Unit 1 Lesson 3 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. In what part of the United States are large deposits of iron ore found?

a. the northern part
b. the Rocky Mountains
c. the eastern part
d. along the Gulf of Mexico

2. An example of a renewable resource in the United States is _____.

a. coal
b. trees
c. oil
d. gas

3. A(n) _____ is one that can be replaced.

a. renewable resource
b. economy
c. hydroelectric power
d. irrigation

4. Which government banned cod fishing in the Great Banks?

a. United States
b. Iceland
c. Canada
d. Great Britain

5. Which state's climate makes it a good place to grow sugarcane?

a. Florida
b. Texas
c. California
d. Louisiana