Grade 5 NY Unit 1 Lesson 5 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. When are hurricanes most common?

a. June to September
b. September to December
c. December to March
d. March to June

2. Hurricanes most often strike along the __________ and the Gulf of Mexico.

a. northeastern Atlantic coast
b. northern Pacific coast
c. southeastern Pacific coast
d. southeastern Atlantic coast

3. Global warming is caused partly by _____.

a. moving plates
b. the burning of fossil fuels
c. powerful earthquakes
d. air moving over large bodies of water

4. In which state is a tornado most likely to strike?

a. Illinois
b. Iowa
c. South Dakota
d. Ohio

5. Earthquakes and volcanoes are both caused by __________.

a. global warming
b. moving plates
c. extreme temperatures
d. human error