Grade 5 NY Unit 2 Lesson 3 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. What is the Constitution?

a. a plan that sets up how the U.S. government works
b. a plan of keeping any branch of government from becoming too powerful
c. a plan to give power to both national and state governments
d. a plan to protect the Bill of Rights

2. What right did the Nineteenth Amendment give?

a. the right to vote for men
b. freedom of speech
c. the right to vote for women
d. freedom of religion

3. Which of the following is a "check" on the judicial branch?

a. Supreme Court justices are appointed
b. the president is elected
c. Congress can override vetoes
d. president has the power to veto

4. Under federalism, the _________ makes laws about education.

a. local government
b. state government
c. national government
d. state and national governments

5. Which amendment to the Constitution guarantees all citizens equal rights?

a. 19th
b. 17th
c. 15th
d. 14th