Grade 5 NY Unit 2 Lesson 5 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. _____ is the most widely spoken language after English in the United States.

a. Chinese
b. Spanish
c. French
d. Vietnamese

2. The artist who painted the deserts of the Southwest was _____.

a. Georgia O’Keeffe
b. Willa Cather
c. Thomas Eakins
d. Mark Twain

3. Many Cubans fled to ________ when Fidel Castro took over Cuba.

a. Mexico
b. Miami
c. New Orleans
d. Orlando

4. Many _________ immigrants came to California in the 1840s looking for gold.

a. Spanish
b. French
c. Irish
d. Chinese

5. When the potato crop failed in ________ more than half a million people left for America.

a. Great Britain
b. Spain
c. Ireland
d. Germany