Grade 5 NY Unit 2 Lesson 6 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. "In which province do people of French ancestry mostly live?"

a. Ontario
b. Quebec
c. British Columbia
d. Manitoba

2. "Which artist uses Canada’s landscape in her artwork?"

a. Lucy Maud Montgomery
b. Joy Anson
c. Celine Dion
d. Emily Carr

3. Canada is a bilingual country because both English and ________ are spoken there.

a. French
b. Spanish
c. Inuit
d. German

4. In addition to Quebec, the __________ provinces of Canada are interested in separating from Canada.

a. northern
b. southern
c. western
d. eastern

5. What immigrant groups settled in Toronto?

a. Italian and Eastern European
b. Irish and Italian
c. German and Inuit
d. Italian and Inuit