Grade 5 NY Unit 3 Lesson 2 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Most of Canada’s exports are sold to _____.

a. France
b. the United States
c. Britain
d. Spain

2. "Most people in the Yukon territory work _____."

a. as farmers
b. in the fishing industry
c. as trappers
d. in government jobs

3. Canada's fishing industry _________.

a. has decreased due to overfishing
b. is thriving
c. is the country's major industry
d. has declined because of global warming

4. Which of the following is an example of a knowledge economy industry?

a. agriculture
b. education
c. biotechnology
d. fishing

5. Canada's Northwest Territories has become wealthy from _________.

a. fishing
b. its natural resources
c. its knowledge economy
d. timber