Grade 5 NY Unit 3 Lesson 3 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Why do countries sign trade agreements with each other?

a. to keep each other secure
b. to help them do business
c. to increase the trade deficit
d. to decrease the trade surplus

2. Because Americans use more oil than the country produces, the United States has to _____.

a. use different kinds of energy
b. export oil to other countries
c. import oil from other countries
d. make trade agreements with other countries

3. Global interdependence allows countries to _________ certain products and materials.

a. specialize in
b. monopolize
c. deficit
d. reduce

4. If you import more than you export, you have a _________.

a. trade deficit
b. trade surplus
c. balance of trade
d. import deficit

5. The country Afghanistan is located in _________.

a. Canada
b. Russia
c. Southwest Asia
d. Europe