Grade 5 NY Unit 3 Lesson 4 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Acid rain is caused by _____.

a. the burning of fossil fuels
b. cutting down of trees
c. global warming
d. urban sprawl

2. One effect of global warming may be _____.

a. lower temperatures
b. fewer storms
c. loss of forests
d. stronger storms

3. Limiting the use of fossil fuels and restoring our forests can be done through _________.

a. observation
b. conservation
c. protest
d. urbanization

4. The amount of carbon dioxide in the environment has increased steadily since __________.

a. the Civil War
b. the Industrial Revolution
c. World War II
d. the beginning of time

5. What percentage of Americans live in cities?

a. 5
b. 25
c. 40
d. 80