Grade 5 NY Unit 4 Lesson 1 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Mexico and Central America make up the subregion called _____.

a. Middle America
b. the Caribbean
c. South America
d. the Greater Antilles

2. What are the Greater Antilles?

a. "the group of islands from the Virgin
b. the string of volcanoes in Central America
c. a part of the Bahamas
d. the four largest islands in the Caribbean

3. Why is the soil of Middle America very fertile?

a. the farmers work hard
b. slash-and-burn farming
c. volcanic activity
d. warm climate

4. The isle of ___________ is knowns as the "natural isle of the Caribbean."

a. Cuba
b. Puerto Rico
c. Jamaica
d. Dominica

5. South America's __________ are like the Great Plains. They provide grazing land for beef and fertile soil for growing grains.

a. Andes
b. Pampas
c. Brazilian Highlands
d. Atlantic coastal plains