Grade 5 NY Unit 4 Lesson 2 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Which country first wanted to build the Panama Canal?

a. France
b. Spain
c. the United States
d. Mexico

2. The _____ is located in Mexico.

a. Paraná River
b. Amazon River
c. Rio Bravo
d. Orinoco River

3. Where does the Amazon River begin?

a. Peru
b. Venezuela
c. Mexico
d. Bolivia

4. The world's highest lake is _________, which lies on the border of Bolivia and Peru.

a. Lake Maracaibo
b. Lake Titicaca
c. Lake Paraná
d. Lake Iguazú

5. Mexico's __________ flows south from the United States, where it is called the Rio Grande.

a. Rio Bravo
b. Orinoco
c. Paraná
d. Iguazú