Grade 5 NY Unit 4 Lesson 5 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. In what kind of climate are rain forests found in Latin America?

a. tropical wet climate
b. tropical wet and dry climate
c. steppe climate
d. highland climate

2. For the most part, the climate of Latin America gets _____ the farther south you go.

a. wetter and hotter
b. drier and hotter
c. drier and cooler
d. wetter and cooler

3. The world's largest rain forest is in _________.

a. the Caribbean
b. South America
c. Central America
d. Middle America

4. When you buy fruit in the winter at a grocery store, there's a good chance it was imported from _________.

a. Jamaica
b. Brazil
c. Chile
d. Argentina

5. Which of the Andes four climate zones is the most populated?

a. Tierra Caliente
b. Tierra Templada
c. Tierra Frķa
d. Tierra Helada