Grade 5 NY Unit 5 Lesson 2 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Who was the first Portuguese explorer to reach the Americas?

a. Francisco Pizarro
b. Christopher Columbus
c. Hernán Cortés
d. Pedro Cabral

2. Which Spanish explorer conquered the Aztec?

a. Moctezuma
b. Hernán Cortés
c. Pedro Cabral
d. Atahualpa

3. The Spanish wanted control of the Aztec Empire because it was filled with _________.

a. gold
b. silver
c. copper
d. diamonds

4. What country did Christopher Columbus think he had discovered?

a. India
b. Spain
c. United States
d. San Salvador

5. Many Native Americans became ________ when Europeans settled in the Americas.

a. viceroyals
b. enslaved workers
c. encomiendas
d. wealthy