Grade 5 NY Unit 5 Lesson 4 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. What was a result of the Spanish-American War?

a. The Philippines became free of United States.
b. Cuba became free of Spain.
c. Puerto Rico became free of the United States.
d. The United States became free of Spain.

2. Who was the leader who set up a communist Cuban government?

a. Augusto Sandino
b. Augusto Sandino
c. Fidel Castro
d. Augusto Pinochet

3. What is one reason Latin American countries had trouble developing democracies?

a. no natural resources
b. tensions between the rich and the poor
c. failed seaports
d. language barrier

4. The United States declared war on Spain after __________.

a. Cubans revolted
b. a bomb destroyed Miami, Florida
c. an explosion sank the Maine
d. Spain attacked Puerto Rico

5. The rebel group called the Sandinistas started a civil war in what country?

a. Nicaragua
b. Cuba
c. Spain
d. Brazil