Grade 5 NY Unit 6 Lesson 4 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. What language do most Brazilians speak?

a. Portuguese
b. Spanish
c. Greek
d. African

2. How does voting in Brazil differ from voting in the United States?

a. Citizens ages 18 to 21 are not allowed to vote.
b. Citizens ages 18 to 70 are required to vote.
c. Only members of the socialist party are allowed to vote.
d. Only citizens of Portuguese ancestry are required to vote.

3. What percentage of the Earth’s living things are found in rain forests?

a. 25 percent
b. 50 percent
c. 75 percent
d. 90 percent

4. What type of government does Brazil have?

a. democracy
b. democratic federal republic
c. monarchy
d. dictatorship

5. Brazil's leaders saw ________ as a solution to the nation's problems of poverty and unemployment.

a. ecotourism
b. agriculture
c. development of the Amazon
d. offshore mining