Grade 5 NY Unit 6 Lesson 5 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. Which couple ruled Argentina in the late 1940s?

a. Juan and Eva Perón
b. Margaret and Robert Thatcher
c. Che and Maria Armando
d. Salvador and Isabel Allende

2. Argentina’s present government is led by a _____.

a. junta
b. dictator
c. monarch
d. president

3. Most Argentines are descendants of _____.

a. Europeans
b. Native Americans
c. Africans
d. Asians

4. Argentina's biggest exports are __________.

a. wheat and soybeans
b. oilseeds and cotton
c. beef and beef exports
d. sugarcane and cotton

5. What caused a severe economic slowdown in Argentina?

a. stockmarket crash
b. gauchos went on strike
c. accidents in mines
d. Argentina defaulted on its debt to foreign banks