Grade 5 NY Unit 6 Lesson 6 Quiz

State: NY
Grade: 5

1. What kind of ancestry do most people in the three Guianas have?

a. Spanish and Italian
b. African and Asian
c. British and French
d. Dutch and British

2. Venezuela’s most valuable product is _____.

a. cotton
b. wheat
c. beef
d. oil

3. After Brazil, which country in South America is the most populated?

a. French Guiana
b. Chile
c. Colombia
d. Peru

4. Why did Hugo Chávez's political party win all 167 seats in the National Assembly?

a. his policies were very popular with the citizens
b. his competition was arrested
c. his political opposition boycotted the election
d. he bribed the other candidates to drop out

5. What is the backbone of Chile's economy?

a. agriculture
b. mining
c. fishing
d. tourism