Grade 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1 Quiz

State: NA
Grade: 1

1. Having a family picnic every year is called a ______.

a. habit
b. custom
c. reward
d. meet

2. Singing and dancing are ways people _______.

a. cook
b. dream
c. celebrate
d. fly

3. A _____ is a special way of doing something.

a. custom
b. celebrate
c. dream
d. reward

4. A calendar shows weeks, months, and _____.

a. hours
b. days
c. minutes
d. seconds

5. An African game called _____ uses small beads.

a. hopscotch
b. marbles
c. Red Rover
d. mancala

6. If you want to speak in class, you should _____.

a. yell
b. raise your hand
c. stand up
d. whisper

7. An address is made up of a number and a __________.

a. street name
b. person's last name
c. picture
d. sound

8. People come to America from _____.

a. all over the world
b. Mars
c. under the ocean
d. outer space

9. We eat different _____ because people brought special foods to America.

a. socks
b. cups
c. foods
d. plates

10. We know that different cultures have _____.

a. the same clothes
b. different languages
c. the same foods
d. the same games