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Welcome to Macmillan McGraw-Hill's Treasures - A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's Treasures online resources are specifically designed to help teachers teach by providing engaging activities for students at all levels. These Online Teacher Resources offer content designed to help teachers save time and keep students motivated and focused.
Teaching Resources
Links to all student activities, teaching guides, and scoring rubrics.

Computer Literacy Lessons
Interactive guided practice portion of the computer literacy lesson.

Additional Spelling Activities
Students benefit from word study at their instructional levels. In small group instruction, phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction is differentiated. These spelling lists were created to be used with students similarly to the way Approaching, On Level, and Beyond reading groups are used to reinforce phonics and vocabulary instruction.

Additional Writing and Grammar Exercises
Additional writing and grammar exercises.

Leveled Reader Search

Professional Development
Includes why it matters articles, academic research documents, best practices teaching videoclips.