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Permission to photocopy or republish excerpts from McGraw-Hill books may be obtained by submitting a written request to the McGraw-Hill Educational and Professional Publishing Group's Contracts, Copyrights and Permissions Department.


Before submitting a request, please check if the material to be used is credited to another source; if so, permission must be obtained from the credited source rather than from McGraw-Hill. Credits may appear with the material, in a separate acknowledgments section at the beginning or end of the chapter in which the material appears; or in a separate acknowledgments section in the front or the back or the book.


Requests may be mailed to:

The McGraw-Hill Companies
Permissions Department
Two Penn Plaza
9th Floor
New York, NY 10121-2298


or faxed to 212-904-6285. Telephone inquiries may be directed to 212-904-2574. Please note, however, that all requests for permission must be in writing. Requests may be submitted using the application forms below.

Please allow sufficient time when requesting permission.


Permission requests must contain the following information:


For requests to photocopy material:

  • author and title of the McGraw-Hill book
  • edition number
  • copyright year
  • exact material, INCLUDING PAGE NUMBERS, for which permission is requested
  • number of copies
  • purpose of reproduction; for classroom use, include the school, professor, course, and semester
  • to whom material will be distributed


For requests to republish material in another work:

  • author and title of the McGraw-Hill book
  • edition number
  • copyright year
  • exact material, INCLUDING PAGE NUMBERS, for which permission is requested
  • author and title of the work in which the material will appear
  • publisher and publication date of the work in which the material will appear
  • format/media of the new work
  • print run of the new work
  • territory and languages in which the new work will be distributed


To Request Permission to use Material from McGraw-Hill Books, please select one of the following forms:




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