Macmillan McGraw-Hill
A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Treasures Grade 3

Unit 1

First Day Jitters
by Julie Danneberg
illustrated by Judy Love
Dear Juno
by Soyung Pak
illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
Time For Kids: Whose Habitat Is It?
Penguin Chick
by Betty Tatham
illustrated by Helen K. Davie
The Perfect Pet
by Margie Palatini
illustrated by Bruce Whatley
Online Computer Literacy Practice: Web Basics Review

Unit 2

The Strongest One
by Joseph Bruchac
illustrated by Lucia Angela Perez
by Becky Bloom
illustrated by Pascal Biet
Time For Kids: What's in Store for the Future?
The Planets in Our Solar System
by Franklyn M. Branley
illustrated by Kevin O'Malley
Author: A True Story
by Helen Lester
Online Computer Literacy Practice: Review Spreadsheets

Unit 3

Stone Soup
by Jon J. Muth
One Riddle, One Answer
by Lauren Thompson
illustrated by Linda S. Wingerter
Time For Kids: Saving the Sand Dunes
The Jones Family Express
by Javaka Steptoe
What Do Illustrators Do?
by Eileen Christelow
Online Computer Literacy Practice: Edit a Paragraph