Macmillan McGraw-Hill
A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Story Content Resources

Grade 1

Oral Language Activities

Unit 1

Ready, Set, Move! (Story: I Can! Can You?)
Growing Up (Story: Time For Kids: How You Grew)
Pets (Story: Pet Tricks)
Teamwork (Story: Soccer)
We Are Special (Story: Pam and Sam)

Unit 2

Where Animals Live (Story: Time For Kids: A Prairie Dog Home)
Helping Out (Story: Little Red Hen)
Sing and Dance (Story: The Fun Kids' Band)
Let's Laugh (Story: On My Way to School)
Animal Families (Story: Animal Moms and Dads)

Unit 3

Me and My Shadow (Story: Time For Kids: Short Shadows, Long Shadows)
Kids Around The World (Story: Kids Can Help)
Our Families (Story: Smile, Mike!)
Family Time (Story: Gram and Me)
Being Friends (Story: Kate's Game)

Unit 4

What's the Weather? (Story: Time For Kids: Stormy Weather)
Recycling (Story: June Robot Cleans Up)
What Scientists Do (Story: Meet Ben Franklin)
Birds (Story: Pelican was Hungry)
Favorite Stories (Story: Little Rabbit)

Unit 5

Kids Inventions (Story: Time For Kids: Kids' Inventions)
Watch It Go (Story: The Kite (from Days with Frog and Toad))
Things We Make (Story: Whistle for Willie)
Express Yourself (Story: Olivia)
How Does It Grow? (Story: Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds)
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