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A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Story Content Resources

Grade 4

Oral Language Activities

Unit 1

Mysteries (Story: The Mystery of the Missing Lunch)
Adapting to Survive (Story: A Walk in the Desert)
Our National Parks (Story: Time For Kids: Animals Come Home to Our National Parks)
Astronauts (Story: The Astronaut and the Onion)
Wildlife Watchers (Story: The Raft)

Unit 2

Baseball (Story: Mighty Jackie)
New Places, New Faces (Story: My Diary from Here to There)
Focus on China (Story: Time For Kids: Stealing Beauty)
Bright Ideas (Story: How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightening)
Snakes (Story: Dear Mr. Winston)

Unit 3

Friend or Foe? (Story: Roadrunner's Dance)
People Who Made a Difference (Story: My Brother Martin)
Kids as Entrepreneurs (Story: Time For Kids: Kid Reporters at Work)
Great Plains Indians (Story: Mystic Horse)
Precipitation (Story: Snowflake Bentley)

Unit 4

Whales (Story: Adelina's Whales)
The Sea (Story: At Home in the Coral Reef)
Creative Solutions (Story: The Blind Hunter)
Energy Sources (Story: Time For Kids: The Power of Oil)
Man's Best Friend (Story: Dear Mrs. LaRue)

Unit 5

Artists at Work (Story: Me and Uncle Romie)
Wild Horses (Story: Wild Horses)
Going to the Library (Story: Because of Winn-Dixie)
Putting on a Play (Story: Ranita, the Frog Princess)
New Territory (Story: Time For Kids: Exploring the Undersea Territory)

Unit 6

Ants (Story: The Life and Times of the Ant)
Airplanes (Story: My Brothers' Flying Machine)
The Gold Rush (Story: The Gold Rush Game)
Nature's Secrets (Story: Time For Kids: Meet a Bone-ified Explorer)
Wild Visitors (Story: The Cricket in Times Square)
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