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A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Story Content Resources

Grade 3

Research and Inquiry Activities

Unit 1

Making Friends (Story: First Day Jitters)
Telephone History (Story: Dear Juno)
Communities (Story: Time For Kids: Whose Habitat Is It?)
Cinquain Poetry (Story: Penguin Chick)
Mammal Games (Story: The Perfect Pet)

Unit 2

Wiley and the Hairy Man (Story: The Strongest One)
Wolves (Story: Wolf!)
The Future (Story: Time For Kids: What's in Store for the Future?)
The Sun: Our Star (Story: The Planets in Our Solar System)
Poetry/Haiku (Story: Author: A True Story)

Unit 3

Lunch (Story: Stone Soup)
Ecosystems (Story: Time For Kids: Saving the Sand Dunes)
Travel Tips (Story: The Jones Family Express)
Animation (Story: What Do Illustrators Do?)
Haiku (Story: One Riddle, One Answer)

Unit 4

Architecture (Story: My Very Own Room)
Poetry (Story: Here's My Dollar)
Cooking Show (Story: Cook-A-Doodle-Doo!)
Getting Along (Story: Seven Spools of Thread)
Natural Resources (Story: Time For Kids: Washington Weed Whackers)

Unit 5

Charitable Organizations (Story: Beatrice's Goat)
People on the Move (Story: Time For Kids: A Carousel of Dreams)
Business (Story: Boom Town)
Firefighters (Story: The Printer)
Limericks (Story: Animal Homes)

Unit 6

Helping Out (Story: A Castle on Viola Street)
Caring for Pets (Story: Wilbur's Boast)
Fables (Story: Mother to Tigers)
Poetry (Story: Home Grown Butterflies)
Citizens (Story: Time For Kids: An American Hero Flies Again)
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