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A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Story Content Resources

Grade 5

Research and Inquiry Activities

Unit 1

Spelling Bee (Story: Miss Alaineus)
Tall Tales (Story: Davy Crockett Saves the World)
Trees (Story: Time For Kids: Forests of the World)
Poems (Story: Ultimate Field Trip 5: Blasting Off to Space Academy)
Dogs (Story: Pipilo and the Roof Dogs)

Unit 2

Careers (Story: Shiloh)
Myths and Legends: Ancient Greece (Story: Rattlers!)
National Monuments (Story: Time For Kids: Maya Lin, Architect of Memory)
The Caribbean (Story: The Night of San Juan)
Song Lyrics (Story: Black Cowboy, Wild Horses)

Unit 3

Narrative Poetry (Story: Sleds on Boston Common)
Women's Suffrage (Story: When Esther Morris Headed West)
The Environment (Story: Time For Kids: Beyond the Horizon)
The Desert (Story: My Great-Grandmother's Gourd)
Robots (Story: Zathura)

Unit 4

Animal Defenses (Story: Carlos and the Skunk)
Civil Rights (Story: Goin' Someplace Special)
Fables (Story: The Catch of the Day, A Trickster Play)
Hurricane Poetry (Story: Hurricanes)
Early Political Parties (Story: Time For Kids: Getting Out the Vote)

Unit 5

Antarctica (Story: Spirit of Endurance)
Plant Breeding (Story: Weslandia)
Studying Nature (Story: Time For Kids: A Historic Journey)
Cinquains and Other Kinds of Poems (Story: The Unbreakable Code)
Whales (Story: The Gri Gri Tree)

Unit 6

Cinderella Tales (Story: The Golden Mare, the Firebird, and the Magic Ring)
National Parks (Story: Skunk Scout)
Physical Fitness (Story: Time For Kids: A Dream Comes True)
Poetry (Story: Up in the Air: The Story of Balloon Flight)
Native American Myths (Story: Hidden Worlds)
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