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A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Story Content Resources

Grade 6

Research and Inquiry Activities

Unit 1

Rescue Dogs (Story: The Summer of the Swans)
Machu Picchu (Story: Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu)
Scientists (Story: Time For Kids: Gecko Glue, Cockroach Scouts, and Spider Silk Bridges)
African Folktales (Story: The Magic Gourd)
Poetry (Story: Interrupted Journey)

Unit 2

Baseball (Story: How Tía Lola Came to Stay)
Solar System (Story: The Night of the Pomegranate)
Natural Disasters (Story: Time For Kids: Zoo Story)
Myths (Story: Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter)
Haiku (Story: The Great Serum Race)

Unit 3

Cowboy Life (Story: Juan Verdades)
Interviews (Story: Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street)
Energy (Story: Time For Kids: Building Green)
Lyric Poetry (Story: The Emperor's Silent Army)
Movie Survey (Story: The Case of the Phantom Poet)

Unit 4

Yorick the Bionic Skeleton (Story: Seeing Things His Own Way)
Tall Tales (Story: Exploring the Titanic)
Helping Others (Story: Time For Kids: Saving Grace)
Visual Poems (Story: Major Taylor: Champion Cyclist)
Apprenticeships: Now and Then (Story: A Single Shard)

Unit 5

Mentors (Story: Breaking Through)
Fables (Story: Ta-Na-E-Ka)
Money (Story: Time For Kids: Many Countries, One Currency)
Collections (Story: Honus and Me)
Poetry: Figures of Speech (Story: Let it Shine: Rosa Parks)

Unit 6

Early Flying Machines (Story: Leonardo's Horse)
Science Fiction (Story: LAFFF)
Communication (Story: Time For Kids: These Walls Can Talk)
Poetry Personification (Story: Breaking into Print)
Volcanoes (Story: The Dog of Pompeii)
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