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A Reading/Language-Arts Program
Story Content Resources

Grade K

Research and Inquiry Activities

Unit 1

Poem Title (Story: Whose Baby Am I?)
Night Animals (Story: The Picnic at Apple Park)
Family Fun (Story: Peter's Chair)

Unit 2

Best Friends (Story: What Do You Like?)
Making Friends (Story: Friends All Around)
Helping Hands (Story: Simon and Molly plus Hester)

Unit 3

Ways to Travel (Story: The Bus for Us)
Traveling All Over the World (Story: On the Go)
How Do You Go to School (Story: Duck on a Bike)

Unit 4

From Blueberry Field to Blueberry Jam (Story: Apple Farmer Annie)
A Healthy Meal (Story: Our Special Sweet Potato Pie)
Family Food Traditions (Story: Yoko)

Unit 5

Mama Cat has Three Kittens (Story: Mama Cat has Three Kittens)
Animal Babies ABC (Story: Animal Babies A B C)
Mole and the Baby Bird (Story: Mole and the Baby Bird)

Unit 6

Russ and the Firehouse (Story: Russ and the Firehouse)
I'm Good at Helping (Story: Bus Stops)
Alicia's Happy Day (Story: Alicia's Happy Day)
Signs in the Park (Story: Animals in the Park: An ABC Book)
I Measure Myself (Story: Hands Can)
What Do You Hear? (Story: Jazz Baby)

Unit 7

A Rainy Day (Story: A Rainy Day)
In the Yard (Story: In the Yard)
Bear Snores On (Story: Bear Snores On)

Unit 8

Oak Trees (Story: Oak Trees)
Seed Secrets (Story: Seed Secrets)
Sunflower House (Story: Sunflower House)

Unit 9

Beetles (Story: Beetles)
Fish Faces (Story: Fish Faces)
If the Dinosaurs Came Back (Story: If the Dinosaurs Came Back)

Unit 10

What Do You Know? (Story: What Do You Know?)
Warthog's Paint (Story: Warthogs Paint: A Messy Color Book)
Time for Kids: Be Happy and Healthy (Story: Turtle Splash!)
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