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Grade 6, Unit 1

Rescue Dogs

Treasures Treasures

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  • Students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on search and rescue dogs.
  • Students will learn about the requirements for search and rescue dogs and how they are trained.
  • Students will write a help wanted advertisement for a search and rescue dog.

Brief Description of Internet site:

The page is part of the National Association for Search and Rescue Web site. It contains information about search and rescue dogs.

Additional Suggested Activities:

  • Have students discuss why dogs are good at rescuing people. Have them list ways that dogs can help in rescue missions that people can not.

Leveled Activities:

  • Have the students connect to Then have students click on National Geographic Games: Working Dogs at the bottom of the page and: (Approaching icon) complete the quiz. (On Level icon) write a few paragraphs about how dogs could be used to improve their communities. (Beyond) Have students write a story about a day in the life of a working dog.