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AMNH Activities

Plants and Their Needs

Online Field Journal: Field Journals: Leaves

Do you like to explore leaves? You can print this field journal to use

for your next nature walk. It will help you learn more about leaves.

Animals and Their Needs

Online Field Journal: Field Journals: Birds 

Do you like to observe birds? Here is a guide to help you.

Print this field journal to use when you birdwatch.

Plants and Animals Together

Make Your Own Stationery

Can you hide your notes in seaweed? Could you write in the deep sea? Would you let a squid deliver your message? You can do all that with these colorful note cards.


Make Your Own Weather Station

The weather is always changing. You can make these simple tools. Then, use them to predict what the weather will be like.


There is no activity for this chapter.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Meet the Ologists: Kristina

Kristina writes about solids, liquids, and gases. But she writes about them in space! Read her essay and find out more.

Changing Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Amazing Mundo

Can you change household objects into rocks? Mundo can! Read how in this comic strip.