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Storm Chaser

Do you like watching it rain? You could become a storm chaser. They try to get close to storms in order to learn how they work. Storm chasers study the weather. They use weather tools when studying a storm. It is very important for storm chasers to know how to stay safe in a storm.

Storm Chasing When storms get real strong, you should always take shelter. Some people follow storms for a living. These people are called Storm Chasers. With your parent or teacher, click here to find out all about chasing storms.

Hurricane Tracker Hurricanes are very dangerous. They smash houses and cause floods. Hurricane Trackers study hurricanes. They help us by letting us know when hurricanes are close. Find out more about Hurricane Trackers.

Meteorologist (Weather Man) Can you tell if it will rain? Maybe you should be a meteorologist, or weather man. Meteorologists help us. They tell us when storms are coming. Click here and read with your parent or teacher. You can also play games and learn more about the Earth on the Web site.