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Do you love taking care of animals? One day you could become a veterinarian. A veterinarian is a doctor for animals. Many veterinarians care for pets. They help cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals. They also help cows, horses, and other big farm animals. Veterinarians need to study science so that they can take care of animals.

Animated Journeys
Do you love animals? Maybe you should think about becoming a Veterinarian. With your parent or teacher, you can click through the Web site and learn all about becoming a veterinarian.

Meet a Real Veterinarian
Meet Tanya B. She is a veterinarian. With your parent or teacher, you can click here and read an interview with her.

Veterinarian Jobs
Have you ever had a pet that got sick? Veterinarians are doctors for animals. There are many kinds of veterinarians. To find out more about them, click here.