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AMNH Activities


Plant Life Cycles

Online Field Journal: Compare: Flowers

Is the weather rainy or cold? You can still explore nature. Go here

to observe and compare flowers.

Life Cycles of Animals

Draw a Monarch Butterfly

Do you like to draw? It’s easy to draw a butterfly! Just take your

time to do research and copy what you find. Learn how.

Earth’s Materials

Online Field Journal: Rocks 

Have you ever taken a good look at rocks? You might be surprised by

how many kinds you can find. Compare these rocks online. See how many differences you can spot.

Earth’s Past

Make Your Own Dino Stationery

Type your notes next to T. rex. Have a dinosaur deliver your message.

Just add your name and address to these colorful note cards.

Earth’s Resources

Rocks in Your Cabinet 

How many things in your home come from nature?

See if you can tell which kitchen items are made of rocks and minerals.

Objects in Motion

Thinking in Three Dimensions 

We live in a world of three dimensions. We move left or right, forward or backward, up or down.

Make a model of a three-dimensional shape. Find out how.

Forces at Work

Our Place in Space: Gravity 

The pull of gravity affects all of us. What does gravity do? What would happen if it did not exist?