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Do you like to learn about dinosaurs? Someday you could be a paleontologist. A paleontologist learns about animals and plants that lived on Earth long ago. These scientists dig in the ground to look for fossils. They study the fossils to find out more about what life was like in the past. Paleontologists find more than just dinosaur fossils. These scientists have found fossils of fish, plants, and insects. They have even found fossils of worm tracks.

From Artist to Dinosaur Hunter
Meet Amy Davidson. Amy's love for art and science helped her to become a paleontologist. With your parent or teacher, read about how Amy works with fossils.

Eberle in the Denver Basin
Go in the field with Jaelyn Eberle! Jaelyn is a paleontologist. With your parent or teacher, follow her trail as she looks for fossil mammals in the Denver Basin.

I Want To Be a Paleontologist!
Are you interested in dinosaurs? Paleontologists study dinosaurs. But they also study much more. Paleontologists study the history of life on Earth. With your parents or teacher, you can click here and learn more about becoming a paleontologist.