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Bird Bander

Do you love to learn about birds? You could become a bird bander. A bird bander helps scientists keep track of birds. The bander catches a bird and puts a tiny band around its ankle. This band has a number on it, and the bander writes it down. The bander also writes the bird's age and size. Then the bander returns the bird to the wild. Later other banders and scientists might trap the same bird. They can look up the bird's number and see how it grew and changed.

Bird Banding Laboratory
Bird banding is way for people to study how birds move and behave. With your parent or teacher, you can learn all about bird banding.

Cool Careers In Science
Zandy Hillis-Starr is a biologist in the Caribbean. She works with hawksbill turtles and helps them from becoming extinct. With your parent or teacher, you can click here and read an interview with Zandy.

Conserving the Nature of America
With your parent or teacher, visit US Fish and Wildlife Service's Web site to learn about different wildlife conservation jobs, from biologists to rangers. Make sure you explore the rest of the Web site to find out more about wildlife and nature in the United States.