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Crash Tester

If you like to learn about cars and safety, you could become a crash tester. Crash testers learn how to make cars safer by setting up crashes! These workers explore what happens to dummies, or big dolls, in a car crash. Then the crash testers decide how to make the cars safer. Crash testers study different air bags and seat belts and find ways to make them safer.

Safety City
Meet Vince and Larry, NHTSA's crash test dummies. They will guide you through Safety City. Visit the Research Laboratory and learn about safety. Or you can go to Safety School and take a safety quiz. You can even visit Larry's Art Gallery to look at art on safety. You can even create your own painting.

A Family Affair: GM's Crash Test Dummies
With your parent or teacher, you can read all about General Motor's crash test dummies. You will learn all about how crash test dummies help save lives!

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineers help make cars safer for all of us. But they also do a lot more. With your parents or teacher, you can read all about mechanical engineers and how to become one.