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AMNH Activities


Adaptations in Land Environments

Life in the City 

Cities are buzzing with life. Take a virtual stroll through a

city park. You might find some organisms you would not

otherwise notice.

Adaptations in Water Environments
Dive into Worlds within the Sea

Which squirmy creatures does the spiny lobster eat?

Can you spot the weird glow on the belly of the cookie-cutter shark? Show off your good thinking with a game of good linking.

Environments Change

Going, Going, Gone? 

Species are disappearing from our planet at a faster rate than ever before. What's behind this increase? What can be done to slow or stop it?

Our Earth, Sun, and Moon

Moon Watch Flip Book

The Moon is like a giant bike reflector in the sky. It shines back light from the Sun.

Sometimes you can see the whole reflector and other times just a thin wedge of it. Find out why.

Our Solar System

Cosmic Cookies

Did you know Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a hurricane that's twice as wide as Earth? Find out more awesome facts. Then celebrate your smarts with a solar system of cookies.


Atomic Mobile

Carbon is found in all living things. Make a mobile of carbon using scissors, wire, pipe cleaners, and clay.


Light, Matter, and Energy

Who was Einstein? Where did he get all his great ideas? Find out with this virtual tour of the many ways he changed science. It might just inspire the genius in you!


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