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Map Maker

Do you like working on puzzles with small pieces? Are you good at giving directions or describing places? You might think about becoming a map maker. Scientists who make maps have many different skills. Some gather data about the geography of an area. Others make three-dimensional models of landforms. Still others use data and models to draw the maps with computerized mapping programs. There are things you can do right now to prepare for this job. Learn about Earth's land and water. Play games that require you to solve a problem. In high school, take math, science, and computer classes. Then, get a college degree.

Mapping the Grand Canyon
Join John Wesley Powell and find out how he helped map the route of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This Web site, brought to you by U.S. Geological Survey, has a special link to the USGS's Terraserver, the "world's largest online database," where you can see aerial photographs of almost any spot in the United States.

Photogrammetrists, Surveyors and Cartographers
Photogrammetrists, analyze aerial photographs that will be used to prepare detailed maps. Click here to find out more about photogrammetrists as well as how they work with cartographers, surveyors, and technicians to create maps.

Career: Surveying and Mapping Technicians
Along with photogrammetrists and cartographers, surveying and mapping technicians work to create detailed maps. To find out what it takes to become a surveying and mapping technician, click here. Make sure to click on MOVIE CLIP to watch a video on electrical surveying and mapping technicians.