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Wildlife Manager

Do you like to learn about plants and animals? Do you want to help keep environments clean and healthy? Then one day you might become a wildlife manager. Wildlife managers help take care of animals and their environments. They keep track of the plants and animals in places such as wildlife sanctuaries. They look for ways to help wildlife. They also teach people about wildlife and why it is important to take care of environments. To become a wildlife manager, you must care about environments and living things. Plan to study science in high school and college. You will also need a degree in a field such as biology or environmental science.

What Do Rangers Do?
This fun page shows you the many different jobs rangers have in Acadia National Park. Click on the pictures to find out more about each job. You can also click on different parts of the park map to locate the rangers.

Conserving the Nature of America
US Fish and Wildlife Service's Web site shows you different wildlife conservation jobs, from biologists to rangers. Make sure you explore the rest of the Web site to find out more about wildlife and nature in the United States.

A Tale of Two Wardens
In this Web site by EEK! (Environmental Education for Kids), you will meet Tom Krsnich and Jill Schartner, two wardens for the state of Wisconsin. Follow Tom through his day as an Environmental Warden and Jill's night as a Conservation Warden. Jill also answers questions that many students have asked her during her school visits.