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Lighting Technician

Have you ever watched a motion picture awards show? If so, you may have heard actors thank members of the film crew. An important part of the film crew is the chief lighting technician. The chief lighting technician designs the lighting for the scenes of a movie. The lighting must create a mood that matches the action of the scene. The chief lighting technician uses different combinations of lights for different scenes. The technician also changes the location of the light sources to create different moods. To become a chief lighting technician, you need to know about light and electrical energy. You also should have some experience in drama or filmmaking. Many chief lighting technicians start off as basic crew members and work their way up over time.

Careers for Stage Technicians
Do you love theater? Sports? Concerts? Lighting technicians can be found at every performance, live and in studios. In this page, you can learn all about lighting and stage technicians. Make sure to click on the many links for interviews and stories.

Lighting Technician
Do you like being in the spotlight? Or working behind it? Lighting technicians work behind the scenes ensure that every performance runs smoothly. Click here to find out more about lighting technicians.

Career: Sound Engineering Technicians
Like lighting technicians, sound engineering technicians work off-stage to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If you are more interested in sounds than in lighting, click here to find out more about sound engineering technicians.