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AMNH Activities

Living Things Need Energy

Journey to Deep Sea Vents

Take a virtual trip to the bottom of the sea. You will see geysers that spew hot water

full of minerals. Observe the amazing forms of life that live there.

Living Things and Their Environment

Welcome to the Dzanga-Sangha

Travel to an African rainforest with BaAka. This excellent tour guide will show you the sights—and help you find the clues needed to play Connect the Dots.

Rocks and Minerals

Hey, Look What I Found!

Did you know that rocks can tell stories? Learn how to read a rock’s story. Examine samples and find out how to identify the rocks. Then, classify the rocks based on their photographs.

Slow Changes on Earth

A Peek inside Our Planet

The Earth is always changing. Find out how and why. Here are cartoons, a fun quiz, and even a recipe to help you understand the changes in Earth’s layers.

Fast Changes on Earth

All Shook Up!

What causes an earthquake? When do earthquakes happen? How strong are they? This article has photos and images to explain what scientists have found out about earthquakes.


Eye on Einstein

I spy a CD player. Or is it a product of Einstein's radical thinking? It’s both! What other electronic inventions can you find that were inspired by Einstein?


Create a Compass

From any place on Earth, a compass will always point north. But do you know why? Explore the inner workings of this tiny magnet by building one—and then testing it in your neighborhood.