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Nature Photographer

Picture yourself deep in the woods or far under the ocean. You are ready to capture a special moment on film. To be a nature photographer, you need a keen eye and a strong interest in science. You may face harsh conditions, too—bugs, scorching heat, bone-chilling cold. A nature photographer also needs patience. A single shot of a rare fish might take days or even weeks to get. When you finally capture that perfect moment, it is all worth it.

Besides beautiful wildlife photos, photographers can also be found in the fashion world and sporting events. Learn more about the exciting life of photographers.

Swimming With Sharks
Meet Charles Maxwell, an underwater photographer who loves to swim with sharks. In this page, you can read an interview with Charles and find out more about life as an underwater photographer. Make sure to look at the photo galleries to view Charles' photos.

Career: Photographers
Still have questions about a career in photography? Click here to find more information . There's also a video about different types of photography and photographers.


Do you love the outdoors? Perhaps you should think about a career as a forester. To become a forester, you need a college degree in forestry science. As a forester, you are the manager of a forest or wilderness area. Your job is to help protect and make the best use of the land. Is it safe for hiking, camping, and hunting? Could part of the land be used for logging or some other industry? These are the types of questions that a forester must face every day.

Why I Decided to Become a Forester
Mary Ann Buenzow talks about why she decided to become a forester. Find out the “Good Things” and the “Hard Things About Being a Forester.” You can also take a “Tools of the Trade” quiz.

Forestry Is Important
In this Web site by the Society of American Foresters, you will learn why forests and forestry are important. Make sure you click on the links for fun facts and other information about becoming a forester.

Forestry as a Career
Still wondering if you would like to become a forester? Click here and take a test to see if forestry is for you.