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Have you ever experienced a blackout? This is when electric current stops flowing to your home. When this happens, electricians are the ones who fix the problem. Electricians work in homes, offices, and buildings of every type. They install and repair electrical alarms, switches, wiring—you name it! Electricians need to be skilled with tools and to know a lot about electricity. You can learn these skills from high school, military training, junior college classes, or an apprentice program. Afterward you will have the skills and knowledge to become an electrician.

Do you like working indoors or outdoors? Electricians can be found in construction sites, homes, shops, and factories. They work wherever electricity is needed. Make sure to click on the links to read interviews with electricians.

Electricians test and install electrical systems. Without electricians, we wouldn't be able to enjoy a lighted room, refrigated food, and, yes, even computers! Find out what else electricians do.

Career: Electricians
Click here to find out how to become an electrician! You can also click on MOVIE CLIP to watch a video on electricians.

Electrical Engineer

Suppose that you are building a new stadium. The lights, retractable roof, and scoreboard all run on electrical energy. So does the heating, cooling, and security systems. All of these features are designed by an electrical engineer. Electrical engineers plan and construct all kinds of electrical systems. To become an electrical engineer you need to be an excellent math and science student. The best electrical engineers go through four-year programs in college. After the training, get ready for an exciting career!

Electrical Engineer
Are you interested in how technology works? Electrical engineers work with aircraft and automobiles, but they also work with power generators to help people solve energy problems. Click here to learn about how to become an electrical engineer.

Electrical Engineer
Electrical engineers design and research many of the electronic products we can't live without. Click here to find out what else electrical engineers do. Don't forget to click Interview.

Career: Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Still curious about life as an electrical engineer? This Web site will give you plenty of information. Click on MOVIE CLIP to watch a video on electrical engineers.