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AMNH Activities

Structure of Living Things

The Tree of Life

Check out a cladogram, the ultimate family tree. On it,

you can see how all living things are related.

Learn more about the diversity of Earth’s organisms.

Plant Structures and Functions

Plant Morphology

Observe leaves, parts of a flower, and a corn seedling using

this collection of guides. They provide an illustrated look at

plant structures.

Human Body Systems

Slowing the Flow

All mammals are adapted for surviving in cold water. Take the plunge here! Learn why the mammal’s diving reflex is your cold-water friend.

Earth’s Water

Supersaturated Salinity

You know that oil and water don't mix. What about salt water and fresh water? Find out first-hand with this investigation.

Earth’s Weather

The Path to El Niño

Every two to seven years, wind, cloud, and sea-level patterns change in the Pacific Ocean near the equator. Learn about this hard-to-predict climate change. See if you can create your own El Niño.

The Solar System

An Interview with Mars

Join forces with Stella Stardust to interview the red planet. As Mars, you can proudly tell the world about being home to the largest volcano in the solar system.

Types of Matter

Atomic Mobile

All living things contain carbon, the sixth element on the Periodic Table. Make a mobile of this elemental element with scissors, wire, pipe cleaners, and clay.

Changes in Matter

Amazing Mundo

Mundo Shamundo! With the help of these magic words, the Amazing Mundo can literally reverse the sands of time. Watch him transform worldly objects ... back into rocks in this fun comic strip.