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Weather Observer

There is an old saying that if you do not like the weather now, wait and it will change. How do people know what the weather will change to? After you finish high school, you might enjoy working as a weather observer. As a weather observer, you would collect information about weather conditions. You would be trained to use instruments that measure temperature, humidity, and air pressure. You would read radar scans and satellite photographs. The weather forecasts made by meteorologists depend on the data collected by weather observers.

Weather Observer
If you want to be a weather observer, click here to find out about the different duties and requirements.

Atmospheric Scientist
Are you interested in more than just collecting weather data? Find out about other careers in atmospheric science. This page is part of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Web site, so make sure to click on the links on the left to play games and find out more about Earth Science.

Dropsonde Operators
If the thought of collecting data on the ground is boring, maybe you should consider becoming a dropsonde operator. Dropsonde operators fly into the eye of hurricanes and other storms to collect important atmospheric data.


Are you interested in looking for planets around distant stars or watching solar systems form? Astronomers study the stars and learn about the other planets and suns in the universe. As an astronomer, you would use telescopes and satellites to gather data about other solar systems. Then you would analyze that data to find out what the stars and planets are made of and how old they are. To be an astronomer, you need to be good at math and physics, have strong computer skills, and obtain a doctoral degree in astronomy. After that, you might say the sky's the limit.

Focus on Astronomy
Are you curious about the mysteries of space? Find out what astronomers do and what they are studying.

Frequently Asked Questions About Being an Astronomer
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Get Into EdSpace
Join the Earth Crew, meet the Astronauts, see what it's like to go to Astronaut School, and find out what it's like to live in a place where everything floats!