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Food Science Technician

For many students, the most interesting and fun part of science class is doing laboratory experiments. Do you enjoy handling lab equipment and learning new things while working in a lab? Have you ever thought about how to keep foods from spoiling? Food science technicians operate laboratory instruments. You might do tests on chemicals that are added to foods to make them taste better or keep them fresh. These tests are needed to make sure that the color, texture, and nutrients in foods meet government standards. The best way to get started in this career is to get an associate degree in a two-year college program.

Food Scientists
Do you love playing with food? Food scientists look for ways to make food easier to grow, safer, more convenient, & better tasting. Click here to find out more about Food Scientists.

Career: Food Scientists
Find out what it takes to become a food scientist. Don't forget to click on MOVIE CLIP to watch a video on food scientists and their work.

Food Science Technicians
What do Food Science Technicians do? Food science technicians help food scientists with research and quality control to make sure that food you are eating is safe and tastes good.

Green Chemist

More than 150 years ago, chemists first started creating useful materials in the laboratory. These materials included dyes, plastics, medicines, food products, and building materials. In the past, the manufacture of many of these materials has resulted in chemical waste that polluted the environment. Green chemists work to create reactions that produce safe, useful products without harmful side effects. If you like chemistry, you might want to become a green chemist. You will need a college degree in chemistry followed by graduate studies. Then you can work on finding or improving processes that produce materials that people use in their everyday lives in ways that do not harm the environment.

Career: Chemists.
Chemists not only work with medicine and food, they can be found in many different industries. To find out more about different types of work chemists do, click here. Don't forget to click on MOVIE CLIP to watch a video on chemists.

Ashish the Medicinal Chemist
Have you ever wondered about the people who create new drugs to treat diseases? Meet Ashish the medicinal chemist! He will tell you all about life as a medicinal chemist. Click here to find out.

Focus on Environmental Science
Chemists are not the only scientists concerned with the environment. Find out what other scientists are doing to help solve environmental problems.