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AMNH Activities

Earth's Ecology

Earth's Ecosystems

Exploring a Woodlot's Ecosystem

Chances are you've heard the saying "There's no such thing as a

free lunch." But did you know that it's one of fundamental laws of ecology? Explore all four with this tenth-grader from Wisconsin.

Earth's Land and Water

Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

Did you know sound moves five times faster in water than in air? Or that cleaner fish have "cleaning stations" where they remove parasites? Deepen your knowledge with this ocean life challenge.

Earth's Energy

Heat Energy

Transformation of the Biosphere: Global Environmental Change

Neglecting Earth’s soil, air, and water is costly. It has harmed ecosystems and species. It is degrading the quality of human life. Take a worldwide look at some of the effects of neglect.

Energy in Earth’s System

Building the First Solar Community

Do you know how to turn lemons into lemonade? The citizens of Soldiers Grove did. When a terrible flood destroyed their village, the residents relocated and built the nation's first solar village.

Earth's Structure

Plate Tectonics and Earth’s Structure

Plates on the Move

A volcanic eruption creates new land. An earthquake on land sparks landslides. Massive tsunamis form from an earthquake below the seafloor. What do these events have in common? They all result from plate tectonics. Examine the world-changing results of plates on the move.

Shaping Earth’s Surface

Our Earth is Always Changing

From slow creeping continents to ground-splitting quakes, the Earth is constantly changing. Take a peek at our planet's layers, learn what secrets rocks reveal, and gain a long view of history.

Earth’s Resources


A planet without biodiversity would be tough to live on. What in the world would you wear—or eat? See how biodiversity gives us many of life's necessities.