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Science:  The Master Teacher Series (Grades K-6) 

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Introduction and Preview

Professional development videos and DVDs help impart various teaching strategies. This 4-DVD set supports teacher training for a wide range of classroom settings. The four topics covered include:

  1. Teaching Science:  Small Group Activities
  2. Teaching Science:  Whole Group Activities
  3. Supporting Classroom Management
  4. Integrating Reading/Language Arts and Science

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For an in-depth description of Science:  The Master Teacher Series, please go to the “Contents of this Program” section of this page.

A Facilitator’s Guide is included that:

  • Addresses the instructional and pedagogical issues of the classroom experiences.
  • Provides a forum for discussing each video segment.
  • Includes Blackline Masters featured in the video lessons so that teachers can actually try the lesson suggestions in their own classrooms.

Please Note:  You will need Acrobat Reader to view the Facilitator's Guide.

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Contents of this Program

Science: The Master Teacher Series was specifically developed for the elementary school science teacher, who will benefit from learning research-based instructional strategies.


Science: The Master Teacher Series contains four topics:

Teaching Science: Small Group Activities

  • One of the ways teachers can integrate science into daily instruction is by using small group instruction. Arranging students into small groups allows teachers to maximize instructional time, improve learning, and motivate students. This professional development workshop will enhance participants’ understanding and ability to use small group instruction when teaching science.

Teaching Science: Whole Group Activities

  • Teachers use whole group instruction to meet a wide variety of needs in the classroom. Making the best use of this time is critical to keeping students on task and engaged in learning. Whole group instruction needs to be used strategically, interspersed with student-directed activities. This professional development workshop will enhance participants’ understanding and ability to use whole group instruction effectively in their science instruction.

Supporting Classroom Management

  • Highly effective teachers know that successful instruction requires skillful classroom management. Teachers must plan, organize, and practice classroom management to effectively implement instruction and prepare students for learning. This professional development workshop will help participants develop their knowledge of classroom management strategies and implementation.

Integrating Reading/Language Arts and Science

  • As teachers are asked to incorporate an ever-growing amount of content and skills into their teaching day, they are often pressed to find the time to address everything. The logical solution to this problem is to find a more efficient way to teach all subjects. Fortunately, science instruction is ideally suited to integrating reading/language arts, a critical focus in the elementary grades. This approach allows more efficient use of instructional time. This professional development workshop will help participants identify ways to structure science lessons to include a strong literacy component.

There are four video segments per topic:

  • Author Commentary—A Macmillan/McGraw-Hill science author discusses key concepts and sets the context for viewing an authentic classroom lesson.
  • Classroom Lesson—Segments from an authentic classroom lesson are shown to illustrate key concepts and present strategies that teachers can apply in their classrooms.
  • Author Analysis—The program author provides thoughtful analysis of the activities and instructional strategies used by the teacher in the classroom lesson.
  • Teacher Reflection—The teacher of the classroom lesson reflects on the planning strategies used for the lesson.

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Ordering Instructions

To order Science: The Master Teacher Series 4-DVD set, please call
1-800-442-9685 and provide the Customer Service representative with the following ISBN number:  0-02-284978-5. 

Catalog price:  $299.97

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