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Teaching Science with Technology
California Science helps teachers cross the digital divide and meet the needs of students and administrators by providing powerful, yet easy-to-use, technology tools. Click on a grade below to download a roadmap for that grade (in PDF format) for effective integration of California Science technology into the everyday classroom experience.

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Science Background
These links provide lesson-based background information, as well as suggestions for lesson plans and classroom activities. There are also links to interactive, multimedia resources—including images, videos, and printable worksheets—for use as student assignments.

Professional Links for Educators
Looking for regional or national workshops to attend? Grants to fund your classroom project? Membership in a professional organization? This is the place. Stop by to explore relevant topics such as science inquiry, assessment, differentiated instruction, cross-curricular integration, and more.

Science: The Master Teacher Series
Science: The Master Teacher Series is a DVD set based on the unique McGraw-Hill IMPACT Model™. The set contains short video clips of classroom lessons and hands-on activities, plus commentary by teaching experts about critical content and strategies for teaching those lessons. These DVDs are ideal for small professional-development sessions at school sites or for independent use. Each set comes with a facilitator's guide.

California Science Technology Sampler
Take a multimedia tour of the customized suite of technology products built to accompany California Science.

McGraw-Hill Professional Development
McGraw-Hill Professional Development specializes in a new approach to teacher education by utilizing the unique McGraw-Hill IMPACT Model™. Visit McGraw-Hill's video library, browse our online courses, and purchase materials from this secure site.

Online Catalogs
Click on the links below to view McGraw-Hill's online catalogs where you can search for textbooks and supporting materials that meet your needs.

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